ICWE 2023 Quantum Services Tutorial UEx

Quantum computing has garnered interest from both the scientific community and industry, prompting the evolution of highly robust quantum computers and complementary technologies.

In this tutorial we will offer an introductory view on how quantum algorithms can be integrated with classical web engineering solutions. Specifically, we will show a short lecture focused on quantum software servitization, and converting quantum algorithms into traditional web services, using Amazon Braket, and invoked through classical web services endpoints.

Additionally, we will show a way to implement some of the most commons quantum problems like Shor’s algorithm or TSP, where the attendees could deploy and use it as quantum web services. Also, we will show an extension of the OpenAPI specification for automatically generate and deploy quantum web services. Participants will get an overview of this approach and will understand how quantum web services may become a valuable part of future ecosystems.

You can find the PDF file to prepare the enviroment here.

Slides are also available here.

Tutorial material